maandag 22 juni 2015

Musical Monday: 5x Just Dance

I really love dancing. I love to do it, but I also very much love to watch it. Ballet, modern dance, you name it. If you like dancing too, there was a series on TV called Bunheads, which was all about a group of girls doing ballet. They had some mean choreography, I really liked it. Though the storyline was somewhat thin. Some of their dances you can watch at YouTube.
There is more fun dancing to be found from behind your computer. In music video's for instance. I've shown you the dance battle video's, which have some great dancing in them. But there are a lot more that show us some good moves. here are my 5 favorites.

Sia - Chandelier

I never really listened to Sia, until this song was one of the suggestions YouTube gave me, and I gave it a try. I was stunned by it's video, in which we see a girl (Maddie Ziegler) perform one, long, solo-dance showing us how crazy she is. Ziegler said about the video:

"I like the whole dance. It was really different and weird for me, because I usually don't, you know, be a crazy person every time. It was so fun to do and it was really out of the box and it expanded me a lot, because I'm used to competition dances where you're like, 'Point your legs!' But this time it was like, you just need to let go and feel it."

And that is just the way it is.

Pink - Try

I was in doubt, weather to use this in the 'fight'-list or not. I think this is one of the strongest music video's there is. It shows Pink and a male dancer (Colt Prattes), in some sort of dance-fight, and everyone knows it is portraying domestic violence. It's beautiful, it's violent, it's emotional. Pink herself said about the video;

"Making this video was the most fun I've ever had in my entire career," I never wanted it to end. It's my favorite video ever."

 Janet Jackson - Rhytm Nation

The Jacksons have some dance moves up their sleeves. Michael proved it in numereous video's, like Bad, and Thriller. But Miss Janet Jackson knows how to dance just as good. In fact, as a teenager, I once saw a Janet tribute on TV, in which they praised her dance skills by doing some cool dancing too (look for it on YouTube, there is some mean dancing going on there too). Janet has some some VMA's for her video's and this is one of them. Janet did most of the choreography herself. And best of this video is, that it is almost all dancing. no storytelling, no boring face-shots. Just dance.

Kiesza - Hideaway

This song isn't really special in itself. The video is one that keeps amazing me. Kiesza's Hideaway video is one that is one single shot. Yes, all those dancers, impeccable timing and amazing dance moves  were all done in one, single shot. Can you imagine how many times they've had to do this over and over and over again until they had it perfect. 

Stromae - Papaoutai

This very disturbing video by the Belgian singer Stromae features some very beautiful choreography, showing parents doing fun stuff with their kids, but also how kids become very similar to their parents. The song is about a dad who's not around, something Stromae can relate to, as he only seldom saw his father until he was finally killed. The title means where are you papa? In the video, the dad is physically present, but not in mind. In the song, somewhere it is said: we can all make babies, by why can't we make papa's? In the end of the video, the son becomes the same lifeless mannequin as his dad, as that is the only thing his dead taught him. 

maandag 4 mei 2015

Musical Monday: Awesome songs for awesome people 2

I am a shy person, but when they play this song and I am somewhere public, I am having some difficulties containing myself to not dance and sing out loud. 

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

maandag 27 april 2015

Musical Monday: 5x Bodyparts

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Hoofd schouders, knie en teen.
Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds.

The Dutch version used to be one of my favorite being a small child. Probably because of the dance. I can very vividly remember doing this song over and over again on one of our holidays.
I was reminded of the use of bodyparts because of the whole Anaconda-scandal. Let's see which bodyparts make good music.

Manhattan Rhytm Kings - Happy Feet

No list is complete without a little jazz. Happy Feet is a song from the movie with the same name. Though that one is a very white version and doesn't swing nearly as good as this Manhattan Rhytm Kings version. The song is on the soundtrack of the Aviator, thus proving again, the one selecting the music for that movie is a genius. Why wiggle your butt, if you can move your happy feet?

Shakira ft. Wycleff Jean - Hips Don't Lie

Being Latina, Shakira surely knows how to move her hips, as she is very keen to demonstrate in this video. The song is sometimes a bit hard to understand, but basically the two are saying; body talks, but in a more sexy way. Yes, when you know how to dance, you're one step ahead of all the rest of the girls trying to get a man.

Meagan Trainor - Lips are movin'

If your lips are movin', you're lyin' is the very nice message of this song, that reminds me very much of Trainors first single, All about that bass which is about her whole body and also not the nicest thing anyone ever sang about. Buy hey, we'll forgive her, because both of these songs are so catchy, I very often wake up with them stuck in my head. 

Kylie Minogue - In My Arms

I have a confession to make. I very much enjoy the music of Kylie Minogue. And very handy for this list, Kylie sings a lot about bodyparts. Can't get you out of my head, In your eyes, 2 Hearts, Hand on your heart, Put your hands up and this one, In my arms. The video is very Kylie futuristic, modern and colorful. 

Kormac - Wash My Hands

Kormac makes amazing music. He is one of the best known electro-swing artists in the world. This song isn't much about the lyrics, but this list is rather bogus anyways, so just enjoy this happy little piece of devine music. 

maandag 20 april 2015

Musical Monday: Awesome songs for awesome people I

Thinking what to blog about every monday has become a little difficult. So I thought I'd just choose a song most times, instead of a group of an artist, because there are a lot I could call my favorite, but not that much. For this first edition the newest song by Stromae that I both love for the song, the video and the message behind it (I assume the translation is correct). Let's wake up people and love birds, not tweets. 

Stromae - Carmen

zaterdag 11 april 2015

Home Sweet Home: Verhuizen

Je hebt het misschien al gemerkt op deze zeer stille blog: we hebben het druk. Binnenkort gaan we namelijk verhuizen. Ons fijne stekkie in Maastricht zullen we verhuizen voor een overheerlijk stekkie in Hulsberg, midden in het Zuid-Limburgse land. Een deel van boerderij van zo'n 250 jaar oud, Veel te doen dus, en ook veel verassingen. Ik hoop dus dat je geduld hebt, want uiteindelijk zal er een hoop zijn om te laten zien en om te vertellen.
You may have noticed by the silence of this blog, that we're very busy. Soon we will be moving. We'll be leaving our nice place in Maastricht for a super lovely place in Hulsberg, in the midst of the countryside of South-Limburg. It's part of a farmhouse that's about 250 years old. A lot needs to be done and we find a lot of 'surprises'. So I hope you'll be patient, because there will be a lot to show and tell in the end. 

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Swap: hartverwarmend

Vorige zondag kwam mijn lieve vriendinnetje Mandy bij ons op bezoek. Zij wilde ons nieuwe huisje komen zien. En ik had een klein vermoeden dat ze ook iets voor me mee zou nemen. :) Behalve de heerlijke ontbijtmuffins had Mandy inderdaad ook voor mij de hartverwarmend swap samengesteld en kwam ze die dus persoonlijk afgeven. (Altijd spannend, om met publiek uit te pakken). Mandy heeft flink haar best gedaan en een prachtig pakket voor me samen gesteld.

En er zat in:

  • Handgemaakte kaarsen van bijenwas.
  • Bijenknoopjes, die Mandy stiekem op de beurs kocht terwijl wij op haar stonden te wachten.
  • Zaadjes van radijs, courgette en worteltjes.
  • Een inimienie schaartje voor onderweg in de vorm van een katje.
  • Een bolletje Cascade Pacific.
  • Knisper-bolletjes voor de katjes (Frou vindt ze helemaal geweldig).
  • Iets lekkers voor Babel
  • Elastiekjes om te gebruiken als steekmarkeerders.
  • Een doosje groene thee met jasmijn, maar die staat niet op de foto, want die heb ik in het nieuwe huis laten staan.
  • Een geweldig leuk potje met snoepjes, met daarop een snoezig bijtje op een bedje van bloemetjes.

Ik ben zo ontzettend blij met deze verwennerijen. ;) Nogmaals, lieve Mandy, ontzettend bedankt. 

maandag 23 maart 2015

Musical Monday: 5x fight, Fight, FIGHT!

Make love, not war. And if you really, really don't like the other one, just do a dance off. These fella's are certainly good at that. These video's have some of the best choreographs out there to show us who's boss.

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

There will never be any group that does so much to make sure everyone know they are Cool, than the Black Eyed Peas. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. But their music sounds good (it isn't good, but it sounds good) and this video is so ridiculous it could overpower a Boggart, and thus is amazing. 

Michael Jackson - Beat it

Dance, don't fight. This seems to be the story of this bad ass video. Michael certainly knew how to be Cool. And the song actually is good. So I'll just let you enjoy it.

Run DMC - It;s like that

I used to say I like this song for it's video. But actually, I have always loved this song, for the song. It was the time that break-dancing wasn't something everyone could do. And where your opponents would stand still and wait for you to kick them. The time in witch bald black men weren't intimidating on their own, and those huge glasses weren't retro or hip, but just Cool. Huh!

Christina Aguilera ft. Lil' Kim - Can't Hold Us Down

There is something very wrong with this video. Maybe it's Xtina pretending to be bad-ass ghetto girl. Maybe it's that split second Lil' Kim comes around, being fully dressed, before ripping her clothes off and showing her true cheeks, face But it is probably two whores slutty girls singing how strange it is that "The guy gets all the glory, the more he can score/ While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore". I always found they turned it around wrong, I don't like the whole scoring girls business.
That being sad, the song is catchy and one of Christina's best period. The other girls in the video are real with all their faults, and there is something very gratifying about girls putting guys in their place.

Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

You're with a bunch of tough bitches. And you're apparently making so much trouble, you know - having a lion by your side and such, that the riot police is coming your way. What do you do? Beyconé decides to dance to show them who's boss. Because she's a girl. And because she's got moves. And if you live in music-video land, it actually works.